Daniel's Head

Today we spent the day in Daniel's Head with my new friend Kallie Marcus. Kallie is a yoga teacher in Bermuda and Founder of Kinetix Natural Movement. I met Kallie for the first time a few weeks ago when I called her out of the blue to introduce myself and explain TRIBE. I had just bought my camera and knew Bermuda would be a great place to film the first episode for TRIBE (video will be up on the blog soon!) After a few minutes of speaking with her on the phone I knew she would be a great fit. 

I arrived to Daniel's Head via scooter (you can't rent cars in Bermuda so the majority of people get around via scooter/motorbike or cab) and took in the beautiful views. There was an overcast which gave the water this awesome faded green color and when the sun would peak out from the clouds and hit the water it would change to this vibrant turquoise. 

Kallie mainly teaches yoga to the youth in Bermuda but she also teaches SUP (stand up paddle board) Yoga so I decided to give it a try. What I wasn't expecting, but loved, about practicing on the water is the freedom you feel balancing on the board. When you practice on the solid ground you feel the pull of gravity more and it gives you a false sense of reality that your more in control of things, of life, of the outcomes than when your standing on your board in the water. For someone who prefers to feel in control, it was difficult adjusting to the feeling. Just standing on the board you could feel the movement of the tiny waves and it reminds you that change is constant and that life is all about riding those waves and making the most of it. Plus picture final shavasana, laying on your board as you are slowly rocked by the ocean waves, the sound of the water crashing into the sand and birds flying overhead. A dream.

I feel so blessed to have met such an inspiring woman and highly recommend to anyone visiting Bermuda to give Kallie a call for an amazing experience on the Bermuda waters. 


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