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“I love Taylors yoga classes! They are like a spa for your mind and body at the same time. She has such a soothing voice and she is an amazing instructor. The gentle flow is a great way to decompress from your day and get ready to relax. It is not a restorative class and it wont make you sleepy but it will put you in a more chill mood.”

“Great instructor! She leads you through a variety of relaxing poses and lets you go at your own pace.”

“Her Gentle Flow class is great to unwind from the day. Variety of poses, well taught, good for all levels.”

“I love Taylors classes. Moderately slow moving vinyasa is exactly what I crave at nighttime. She has excellent form and gives fantastically clear and helpful instructions. The sequences are really well balanced and linked to breath. Just really great yoga, no chanting or anything else. Dim lighting and soft music.”

“Taylor was fantastic. Great teacher for beginners or more experienced yogis.”

“Taylor was fantastic! So warm and friendly!”

“Taylor had a great vibe, encouraging and easy to follow. Her playlist was also on point.”

“Taylor was great - very helpful with form (I told her before class I was new). It was a really relaxing class, and ideal time/intensity for people who have a hard time sleeping!”

“I loved it! One of my favorite classes ever!!”

“This class was nice and calming - it was my first time back to yoga in three years.”

“Nice and relaxing!”

“It's a mix of vinyasa, hatha and stretching. Recommended for beginners. Very relaxing.”

“Taylor is amazing. The energy she brings to her classes is soothing and revitalizing.”

“Great breath work and amazing sequencing. Excellent way to zen out at the end of the day.”


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