“People find yoga at different times in their lives and for many different reasons. My journey started from a need to compliment my highly athletic lifestyle - a need to find more balance - a refuge from my days full of to-do’s. I see yoga as a practice that brings us back to our truth, encourages us to take a closer look at the parts of us we ignore, and offers a roadmap to greater happiness and openness to life…”


Weekly Classes

Come prepared to explore your breath. Each class is a dance of it’s own, combining exercises in mind/body awareness, moving in ways that honor your practice and where you are in that moment, paired with music that helps us to unwind and get out of our heads and into our hearts. Whoever you are, I hope to see you along this journey soon.

All classes are at Yoga Mayu in Noe Valley unless otherwise stated.

MONDAYS: 8 PM - Gentle Flow

WEDNESDAYS: 8 PM - Gentle Flow

SUNDAYS: 10 AM FREE Class in NOE VALLEY TOWN SQUARE - Vinyasa All Levels


Practice with Taylor anytime, anywhere.