Slide The Light Off

Walking around in the West Village today I stumbled upon this gem. Slide the light off you may find some peace. It reminded me of a Marie Forleo video I watched earlier this week titled "How to believe in your business when you don't always believe in yourself." (Side note, for those of you who are interested in quick tips for self-improvement, starting your own business, or little things like self-doubt that always seem to get in the way, MarieTV is a great resource). What I loved about this video was that it wasn't answering the question "how do I become constantly confident?" but rather it admits that we all experience moments of fear and self-doubt, no matter who we are, so how do we push through it? The trick, she says, is to "think of your attention/energy as a flashlight, it can only shine in one direction." The flashlight can either be shining on us and showing our fears and insecurities, or it can be directed out on others (our customers, our work, etc.) and focus on their needs and wants. When our attention is 100% on our work, on our customers, none of the light can be shining back on us and our fears. So how are you directing your flashlight?

It was a beautiful reminder for me to keep the light shining out, shining out on this blog. My dream is to spread positivity and encourage others to follow their dreams...and I can't do that if I'm always shining the light on me and my fears... plus, how would I see where I'm going?

Taylor PangmanComment