Prior to teaching yoga full-time, I worked in the high-paced event marketing world in NYC. Many days included late nights, pizza runs for dinner, and self-care was the last thing on anyones mind.

Working in a busy office is stressful, and sometimes, you don't even have time to leave your desk to grab lunch - I get it.

But now more than ever we are seeing the benefits of self-care, and with more employees spending more time at the office than ever before, it's become necessary that employers offer and encourage self-care practices for their employees.

Yoga in the workplace has proven to increase productivity, decrease healthcare costs, and increase creativity and team morale. 

Part of the reason I left the corporate world was to help bring the practice of yoga and wellness into more offices, because when your employees are operating from a balanced and energized state, your company operates from a balanced and energized state.

And those are the kinds of companies people just HAVE TO do business with.

Fill out the form below and let's connect!

Standard Pricing (based on classes in the SF Bay area and up to 10 students):

1 in-person yoga class (60 min) - $150; 3 classes - $400 (save $50); 5 classes - $650 (save $100)

1 in-person meditation class (30 min) - $100; 3 classes - $250 (save $50); 5 classes - $450 (save $100)

I look forward to hearing from you, learning more about your company, and creating a unique wellness experience for your office!

NOTE: Skype/virtual and prerecorded yoga and meditation classes are also available. If interested, please mention when filling out the form down below.

NOTE: Students/companies are required to provide their own towels/mats/props for yoga classes.

Corporate Yoga Inquiry Form

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Contact Name:
Please note, there may be an additional cost for classes outside the San Francisco Bay area for travel expenses.
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