Practice with Taylor!

Yoga Mayu studio in San Francisco (Noe Valley): Come take a class with me at my regularly scheduled Gentle Flow class (M/W nights at 8:15 PM). Perfect for all skill levels. Click here to check the schedule and see when I teach next!


Private Classes*: Private classes are my bread and butter! I love the opportunity to teach one-on-one classes and focus all my attention on one student at a time. Please reach out to discuss how we can work together to create a class that fits your needs! Also a perfect gift for a loved one! 

60 minute class - $100 single session/ $400 for 5 classes (aka buy 4 get 1 free - save $100!)

90 minute class - $180 single session/ $720 for 5 classes (aka buy 4 get 1 free - save $180!)

*Please note, I live in the downtown San Francisco area but am available to travel to surrounding areas - prices above are not inclusive of travel costs

*Private Skype classes are also available


Specialized Classes/Workshops*: Looking for a unique yoga experience? Look no further than our specialized classes/workshops package! Prices vary based on length of class, number of days, travel costs, if a venue rental is needed, and number of students. Please reach out to discuss how we can create a class/workshop that best fits your needs!

Some available classes include: 

  • Bridal Yoga Party - Calm the nerves on the big day (or day before/days leading up) with yoga for the bridal party.
  • Vinyasa Flow & Meditation- A 60 minute class followed by a 30 minute meditation for deep relaxation.
  • Fundamentals of Yoga- A class focused on the basics of yoga and alignment in the most fundamental poses (perfect for those new to yoga!)
  • Blindfolded Yoga - A fun way to go a bit deeper into your practice and develop strength, balance and focus.
  • Glow In The Dark Yoga - Take your practice in the dark for a fun challenge.
  • Meditation & Intention Setting - Need a reset? or maybe you just need to refocus your goals for the year? The meditation/intention setting combo is perfect to help you reset, restart, and recharge.


Corporate/Office Classes: Looking to create a unique experience for your team? Yoga in the office has proven to increase productivity, decrease health care costs, and increase creativity and team morale. Taylor will work with your staff to create a class that works best for your office - whether that be a morning pick-me up, afternoon rejuvenation, or evening wind-down. Prices vary depending on the number of employees and length of contract. Please reach out to discuss a program that will best fit your group.


Custom Yoga Weekends & Yoga RetreatsHave a group of besties who love yoga? Do you dream about taking a vacation where you start your mornings and end your days with yoga on the beach or under the stars? Or maybe you prefer a staycation and are looking for a break from your usual weekend flow. Click here to learn more about our custom weekend and yoga retreat packages - custom made to fit your needs and all classes are taught personally by Taylor!


"Knowing Taylor as a co-worker and a friend, I was wondering if I'd actually be able to take the process seriously, but it was terrific. After being guided through the process, I felt relaxed and better able to put life's events into perspective. Taylor was very soothing, professional and knowledgable about the practice. I highly recommend taking the time to meditate with Taylor!" - Melissa H. (New York City)

"I'd never done a private yoga class before so I was a little nervous, but Taylor put me right at ease and I surprised myself at how much I could do!" - Sam L. (L.A.)

"Taylor is friendly, understanding, and willing to put in the extra time and effort to help you become the best version of yourself. She's got the knowledge and experience to get you on the right track to success, whether it's spiritual or something else." Ashwin B. (New York City)

"Taylor's yoga classes are the perfect mix to get your heart rate going and put your mind at ease." - Stephen F. (New York City)