The most important lesson yoga has taught me...


The single most important lesson yoga has taught me.

Patience in everything I do.

The other day I was working on my full splits - a pose I have NEVER been able to fully do. Even when I was younger and in gymnastics, I envied all the more flexible gymnasts, my strength was strength, not flexibility. 

So I'm working on this pose and I'm nowhere near the floor. I have a block under my right hip propping me up but my hips and hamstrings are on fire. The inner voice telling me "I can't do this, I can't sit in this pose one more second" grows louder and louder.

Then I remember my breath.

This pose, although I've practiced it a thousand times, still feels so foreign and new to me, but my breath, it's familiar like an old friend. I push the self-doubting thoughts away and focus all my energy on my breath.

Soon I realize I've taken about five full and long breaths.

That's gotta be like 30 seconds at least. 

30 more seconds I'm in this pose, when I didn't think I had even one left in me.

So I keep breathing.

Another 30 seconds...

The uncomfortableness doesn't go away, but the self-defeating thoughts do. Which makes it easier somehow.

When I finally come out of the pose, I feel lighter and I can feel the space that patience created, not just in my body but also my mind.

Negative self-talk adds so much unnecessary weight.


Whether I'm sitting in an uncomfortable pose, or "sitting" in an uncomfortable place in life.

_________ (insert your area of uncomfortableness here)


Remember your breath is the best tool you have whenever you're feeling impatient.

Everyone is born with it, and as long as you are alive, it's always with you.

So back to the splits.

I'm not there yet, but this weeks video "Yoga For Back Of Legs" definitely stretches the parts of your legs needed to help you get there - the glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

Splits or not, this class will work out all the stress and stagnant energy in your legs. 

Click on the image below to practice with me!

I hope you have a great rest of your week!

With Gratitude,