It's all about alignment...or is it?!

Did you catch the eclipse this week?

Moon and Sun, perfectly aligned.


I talked a little about this word, alignment, in my Monday night class, and asked my students to reflect on the areas in their life where they felt aligned and in sync, and then those areas that felt stuck and stagnant.

Two days later...I still have this word, alignment, stuck in my head.

I guess you could say it's my theme for this week.

Only this time I'm reflecting on this word in our practice; the asanas and the alignment in each pose.

In yoga, alignment is often confused with perfection and this idea that you must get your body into this exact shape, otherwise, you're doing it wrong.


Yoga is a form of moving meditation.

We practice the asanas so we can open our bodies up a little bit, soften the shell, so that our bodies can "get out of the way" and we can connect better with our minds.

Moving and releasing the tension in our bodies, releases the tension in our minds.

And when we release the tension in our minds we're able to see ourselves and the world more clearly.

We become more aligned with our true selves.

We learn more about ourselves and we grow in compassion.

I view the asanas as keys that open doors that lead us to various lessons.

Years into my own practice, I've increased my flexibility and balance for sure, but there are still many poses my body just can't do yet. 

And there's poses I look reaaalllll awkward in too...

Who cares!

Trust me, it's the inner alignment that's even more interesting.

How long can you sit alone with yourself and your thoughts?

How does that feel?

If you're someone who tends to focus a lot on the alignment of a pose, try and focus on your inner alignment first, and the body will follow...I promise.

Focus more on how the pose feels, rather than how it looks, and your body (and mind) will change in ways you won't even believe.

Namaste, my friend!

Last week's free class was for my early risers, so this week's free class is "Yoga For Night Owls" (down below)! This 30-minute flow is perfect for anyone who struggles with falling asleep or holds a lot of anxiety at night. Give it a try (focusing on that inner alignment) and let me know how it goes!

After you've practiced with me, I'd love to hear about how this shift in your focus went (from outer alignment to inner), down in the comments section. Any interesting thoughts or insights come up for you? How do your mind and body feel after practicing?

I hope you have a great rest of your week!

With Gratitude,