Yoga For Strong Arms

I can’t believe it’s been a week since we moved here!
Our moving truck arrived earlier this week and I quickly sorted through the boxes pulling out the things that make this place feel more liked ours.
The coffee machine.
The juicer.
A few framed photos of us.
Our rug.
Some paintings we painted together on a date night.
The little things that mean the most.
We still have zero furniture yet except for a blowup mattress we’re using as a makeshift couch, and a few fold up chairs and TV my brother lovingly let us borrow until we get situated.
What little furniture we had in NY we sold and now we have the exciting challenge of designing our home from scratch.
I’d forgotten how much I love design and décor and realizing (or maybe finally accepting) how big of an artisanal snob I am!
Nothing makes me happier than popping in and out of mom and pop boutiques and finding a handmade, one-of-a-kind coffee mug or table. Every time I grab for that mug I’m reminded of the hours and love someone put into its creation and it makes me happy.
I want our whole apartment to feel like that.
Maybe it’s the Northern California vibe, but I’m realizing that I’m at this phase in my life where I’m ready to create and decorate a HOME, not just an apartment to live in.
Is this what growing up feels like?! Getting ecstatic over mugs and rugs?!
Or is this just me finding me?!
Actually I’m at a phase in my life where I find myself creating and decorating many parts of my life.
My home.
My career.
My wedding.
Even my preferred wardrobe is changing.
I’m designing my life, by hand, and it’s exhilarating!
This time is for me to play, to explore, to try, to fail, to grow, to learn.
Through this creating process I’m also realizing how often I stop myself.
I find a coffee table I love only to pause and hover over the “purchase” button wondering if there’s something better, cheaper, more unique, more “us” that I could find.
I second-guess.
I question.
I worry.
And when I think about it, I wonder if the pause is really about the coffee table itself, or about something deep within me that is always looking to perfect.
I wonder, in what other areas of my life do I pause and question and second-guess myself?
Do you ever have that problem?
Is this a me thing? A 20’s thing? A female thing?
I don’t have an answer for that yet, but until I do, I’m trying my best to push through the pauses and boldly act, make decisions, and follow my heart in every category of my life.
Everything new comes with alternating waves of excitement and fear, and it’s your inner strength that will determine what you make of each blessing, opportunity, and lesson.
When a change, a challenge, or even a dream comes true how do you react?
What thoughts run through your head?
Do you feel strong and ready to face it?

Just some things to think about this week.

This week’s video is a yoga sequence for building upper body strength.

This class is great for beginners looking for a challenge (I would call this more of a power flow class) or for intermediate students looking for a quick sequence to get an arm workout in and release some stress and tension with some deep stretching.
And let’s turn this into a game shall we?
With my classes I highly emphasize breath, because without a focus on your breath, you’re not really doing yoga, your just stretching.
Often you’ll hear me prompt your inhales and exhales, other times you’ll hear my own breath as a reminder for you to focus on your breathe.
So how about we try using our breath to build mental strength at the same time?
Mentally, every time you inhale think “I am” and every time you exhale think “strong”.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Click below to practice with me.

All my love,
P.S. This weekend I finally plan to explore the beautiful outdoors around San Francisco and go hiking! Click HERE to follow me on Instagram and follow along as I explore my new city!