Yoga For Runners


I have a confession to make.

Usually my Mondays and Tuesdays are spent prepping this week's newsletter, making final edits to the video, and taking time to gather my notes and updates and share my heart with you.

This week I got a little behind ... I apologize...I blame a couch.

Actually it was multiple couches.

If I'm totally honest, it was multiple couches and a few sectionals.

(This relates to yoga, I promise)

This week I was determined to cross a few big items off my to-do list, like making a decision on a few key items for our new place.

If you missed my last update, we are currently using a blow up mattress as a couch, a stack of paper towels as a TV stand, and 2 folding chairs and a cardboard box (still full of books) as our dining table and chairs.

It definitely has...character.

But as the days and weeks go by we are getting more and more anxious to make this place into a cozy and welcoming home.

So as I took on the role of lead designer for our apartment, I had forgotten how many hours are in a day, totally miscalculated how long things take, and was definitely overly aggressive in how much I thought I could get done in one day.

Hence why you are receiving this week's newsletter on Thursday rather than Wednesday.

So this week I fell behind, I wasn't as on top of things, and I got really stressed.

Life happened.

I'm human.

But instead of beating myself up, throwing up my hands yelling out "I'm a failure!"

I paused.

I stopped.

I breathed.

I meditated.

I ran.

I slowed down.

I did yoga.

I admit, it's not often when sh** hits the fan that I'm able to stop, pause, and make rational decisions. 

Sometimes I get crabby and take it out on those I love, sometimes I make quick decisions that I later regret.

In the pause I looked for the positives.

For example, this week I ran more than I have in awhile. 

Which also means I was more stiff and sore in my legs than I'm used to.

So I thought this week would be a great time to share my YOGA FOR RUNNERS yoga sequence.

Whether you're a runner or you're just someone who lacks flexibility in their legs, this is a great sequence because it's repetitive. Meaning we do the same poses more than once so your muscles have time to recognize what's happening and relax a bit more.

A few notes:

1. If it's painful for you to place a knee on the ground, grab a towel or blanket to place under your knee for extra support.
2. At the end of class I walk you through Plow Pose - this is a very deep stretch and if it's new to you please take your time, be careful, and listen to your body. If you're unsure how to do this pose, I recommend watching my demo first, than giving it a try. Looking sideways at a computer screen while in this pose may end up hurting your neck. I'm a bit behind in adding new posture breakdowns to the blog but will let you know once new poses (like this) are added.

Be kind to yourself and remember to take some time to slow down this weekend.
P.S. If you have a friend who is a runner, share this post with them using the share buttons down below, they will LOVE this yoga sequence!