Yoga For Courage

Be brave and pin now!

Be brave and pin now!

Last week I had the honor of teaching my first corporate yoga class... and I was sooooooo nervous!!

The company only had eight employees - I've taught classes in Central Park that had 18 people before, this should have been easy right?!

Once I got there I was fine but the build up the week before of prepping and planning was definitely stressful.

I ran through the sequence a million times, physically practicing it to make sure it was doing for my body what I wanted it to do for my students' bodies. I practiced teaching out loud to my empty apartment picturing my students running through the poses and trying to anticipate where they would run into problems.

I even gave myself a pep talk in the mirror, standing in various "power poses" with my hands on my hips saying to myself, "You got this. You are the WO-man! You go girl!"

Embarrassing...but it worked! I did it. I went through with it.

I'm sharing this story to pull back the curtain. To admit that no matter how calm, cool, and collected I looked, I was nervous and I had self-doubt.

But I also had courage.

This felt like a big step for me. My first paid teaching gig. My first time having to prove that my teaching was worth the dollar amount I listed. 

It took courage.

After I was done teaching, I couldn't help but picture the yoga teachers I idolized and picture them in my position, years before anyone even knew their name. It made me appreciate their work even more, because although some people do have better luck than others, I truly believe that if you work hard for what you want, it will come to you.

It got me thinking that not all people who do "big" things are as "big, brave, and confident" as you think they are. The thing that makes these people stand out, and what gets them where they are is sometimes just showing up and just doing it regardless, EVEN THOUGH they have this fear and self-doubt. 

I've seen interviews of Adele (freakin' Adele!) where she says she still wants to run and hide every time she's about to take the stage and perform. 

I am not Adele.

I taught a yoga class to 8 people on a rooftop.

But I have dreams of teaching thousands of people yoga someday, so I have to start somewhere!

I have to start somewhere and the find the courage on the small stage so I can find the courage on the big stage someday.

Even if I never get completely comfortable in new opportunities, I have to figure out a way to just do it.

To just show up. 

And so do you.

Fear is temporary.

Open your heart, get a little vulnerable and conquer that fear! Or if you can't conquer it, find a way to live with it, temporarily, until it passes.

One way to practice vulnerability and find your inner courage is through Yoga (duh!).

Yogi's believe that the poses can affect more than just your physical body.

You want to learn humility and forgiveness? Start a handstand practice.

Want to grow more confident, courageous, and open to new opportunities and challenges? Heart openers and backbends will be your best friends. 

Last week I promised you a FABULOUS 20 minute chest opening yoga sequence. Oh it's here, and its definitely FABULOUS! Click on the image down below to give it a try!

I LOVE to practice this sequence after a long day of working, hunched over, staring at my laptop. Today will probably be one of those days so know that I'll be taking some time later tonight to practice this sequence right alongside you. 

One thing before you start! Take a quick minute to notice how your body feels before class. How do your shoulders and chest feel? Do you feel emotionally closed off or open? 

Then after you've practiced with me, take another quick minute to notice how your body feels after class. How do your shoulders and chest feel now? Emotionally how do you feel? Let me know what you notice! 

Leave a comment under the video, I'd love to know!

A friendly reminder for my friends in NYC, I'm back this weekend with another FREE yoga class in Central Park - Sunday, July 31st at 11 AM - Click HERE to sign up, we still have a few more spots available and the next class won't be until Sunday, August 28th! Hope to see you there and I encourage you to bring a friend!

With so much gratitude,


P.S. Do you have a friend who could use a confidence boost? Share this post with them! This week's class is sure to help them let go of their reservations and open up (literally!) to possibilities.