THE TRIBE LIFE: What Yoga Style Are You?

Learn the 9 different styles of yoga! Pin now!

Learn the 9 different styles of yoga! Pin now!

Happy Wednesday you fabulous human!

I am SUPER excited to share this week's video!

As a yoga teacher, I find myself talking about the topic of yoga often with complete strangers. 

The conversations always start off the same...

"Hi, I'm Taylor!"

"Hi Taylor!...So, what do you do for a living?"

"I'm a yoga teacher what about you?"

Their next response is usually one of two answers...

1. "I've tried yoga but I just couldn't keep up and I was sweating the entire time... I thought yoga was supposed to be relaxing?"


2. "I've tried yoga but I think I need more of a challenge, like cardio!"

So what I've gathered from these types of interactions is that there is definitely still some confusion around yoga, and that most people don't realize that there is actually more than one type of yoga.


You heard me! 

If you're someone who has ever uttered these words, then this week's episode is going to knock your socks off!

In this week's episode, I'll walk you through the nine, yes nine, most common styles of yoga that you are most likely to encounter when signing up for a class at your local studio.

After you watch this week's episode, let me know which styles of yoga you've tried and maybe a new one that sparks your interest!

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