End Procrastination For Good ("The Nibbling Fish" Episode)


How are you?

How's your week going?

How's your productivity?

...Wait, what?!

Weird question right?

That's what I thought earlier this week when I was standing in line waiting to get my beloved "Coco Acai" smoothie from Juice Gen.

I got in line, ordered my smoothie, then stepped aside while I anxiously waited for them to call my name.

That's when Trisha stepped in.

"Hi!...How are you?...How's your week going?...How's your productivity?..."

Not all at once of course, but the last question threw me off.

How often do you get asked about your productivity?

I stepped back and was visibly uncomfortable, as if she were asking how my last bowel movement went. It somehow felt like a deeply personal question to be asking a complete stranger.

"Good I guess," I responded, quickly wondering if that was an appropriate response. 

Should I have said great? Maybe there's something about the way I'm standing that gives off this 'I have attention problems' vibe. 

"Great to hear! And isn't it such a lovely day? No use worrying on a day like today!"

"Absolutely, " I responded.

Just then the Juice Gen clerk yelled out her name...


She bounced her way to the counter, grabbed her juice, turned around and said "Have a wonderful day...but above all... be kind to yourself!"

And walked out of the store.

I've been thinking about Trisha a lot this week, and her strange but beautiful message.

Managing productivity and it's archnemisis procrastination is a battle I think we can all resonate with. 

For some of us it can feel like a full-time job!

Even the most type A, highly productive individuals have a day where things are just not working for them.

But putting off the work, or taking longer to cross a task off our to-do list is never the worst part, it's the negative self-talk that accompanies it.

Do you know what I mean? 

This week's episode is on the topic of procrastination, and I share with you two of my favorite go-to methods to help overcome this annoying habit.

Once you've had a chance to watch, take a stab at implementing at least one. 

And in the process, in the words of Trisha...be kind to yourself. 

You'll be more energized to tackle your to-do's with a positive voice cheering you on rather than a negative BOOB criticizing your every move.

Yes... I said BOOB.

Don't forget to leave a comment down below. I'd love to know what other tricks you have for overcoming procrastination!

Two quick updates for my NY TRIBE...

#1. I just added my September class schedule for yoga in Central Park to the meet up group and my next class will be Sunday, September 11th at 11 AM - click HERE to sign up and feel free to bring a friend!

If you were at my class last Sunday you know that our regular spot was under "construction"  and we may need to pick a new location for the September classes, so keep your eyes peeled for that update in next week's newsletter.

#2. I've had a few inquiries asking whether I offer personalized group yoga classes, and the answer is YES!  If you are interested in learning more about my corporate and group class offerings, click HERE, or email me at info@taylorpangman.com and I can send you a list of my offerings and pricing.

Group classes are perfect as a relaxing team activity, or if you have a group of friends looking to start a yoga practice or try something new to help relieve some stress. Classes can be catered to the needs and size of the group. In addition to group yoga classes I also teach meditation classes - these can be in a group setting as well as one-on-one (in person or via Skype!) 

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

With so much gratitude,


P.S. Got a friend or colleague who struggles with procrastination? Forward this post - it could spark the breakthrough they need to take back control of their work and life!