THE TRIBE LIFE: The Key To Success - Starting Before You're Ready

Pin now to combat self-doubt!

Pin now to combat self-doubt!

Years ago I had this idea pop into my head that someday I would have my own yoga travel show.

I would travel the world documenting where I stayed, what I ate, and where I practiced yoga.

I would meet other teachers from around the world and interview them to learn what yoga means to them. 

All with the greater dream of making yoga more accessible, less confusing, and less intimidating to people. 

I wanted to debunk yoga and try and erase the inversion heavy image most Americans have of yoga in their minds because...

...I believe if the entire world practiced yoga, the world would be a better and kinder place.

Just one small problem. I didn't own a camera, didn't know how to work a camera either. Talking on camera felt awkward to me and when I was on screen I would freeze.

Also, I wasn't a certified yoga teacher at the time...who would take me seriously.

So I convinced myself I wasn't ready, and so I dismissed this idea as a dream.

Pushing it aside time and time again until about a year ago, when I was extremely unhappy and unfulfilled in my event marketing day job, I decided I couldn't ignore this idea anymore.

Secretly I was starting to believe that this wasn't just an idea either, it was my purpose.

So I sat down and started coming up with ideas and ways to make this idea into reality.

I bought a camera, booked a trip to Bermuda and started emailing yoga teachers there to see if anyone would be willing to do an on camera interview with me.

I guess you could say I 'started before I was ready.'

And I was terrified.

Now, a year later, my idea is starting to become less blurry and I can finally see the outline of something really amazing and promising.

If you've ever felt like you weren't ready yet to try something different, or ever doubted yourself, you will love this video.

Know that you are not alone and that only YOU can control your destiny.

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Once you've had a chance to watch, I'd love to know...

Is there something in your life that you've been putting off starting because you didn't feel 'ready' yet or 'good enough' yet? 

How can you use the inspiration from today's video to help push your self-doubt to the side and finally 'start' today? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Be brave and share as much detail/thoughts as possible down below - your words may be exactly what someone else needs to hear to help inspire them!

Never forget that you are powerful.

Never forget that your voice matters.

Never forget that who you are, what you have, right now, is good enough to start.

With so much gratitude,


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