Weight-loss Secret: Meditate Slim with Sarah Anne Stewart


Did you know that on an average day your mind is thinking between 50-60,000 thoughts a day?!



Also, what if I told you that meditation can be used as a tool to harness your power and help you accomplish your goals, and more specifically, your weight-loss goals.

Curious right? Maybe even a little doubtful?

Yea I was too at first.

Now, let me introduce you to one of the most beautiful souls I know.

Sarah Anne Stewart.

Sarah is a board certified holistic health practitioner and weight-loss expert, founder of the Holistically Slim Movement and the creator of the weight-loss program Meditate Slim.

This woman is magic.

I met Sarah on a yoga retreat I went on last year to Rincon, Puerto Rico; she was the one organizing the retreat and I was a guest.

That retreat changed my life. 

Maybe it was all the sun and yoga I was doing there, but it was there in Puerto Rico that I decided I was going to follow through with my dreams and hopefully inspire others to live their best lives along the way.

Sarah was (and still is) a huge inspiration for me, so I am honored to have had the opportunity to sit down and talk with her about how she went from modeling to becoming a holistic health practitioner, and her new program Meditate Slim.

For this week's episode we tackle the topic of weight-loss, but not in the way you're probably used to or expecting.

If you are someone who has ever struggled with weight-loss, or found yourself going from one diet to the next, you're going to love this episode.

I whole-heartedly believe in the work Sarah is doing (I wouldn't be sharing it if i didn't) and I believe her take on weight-loss is a breath of fresh air.

Sarah's approach to weight-loss is a lifestyle and it's about being happy, not about a quick fix.

Click on the video below to watch!

Then once you've had a chance to watch, leave any comments or questions you may have down below.

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Meditate Slim Program


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