How this one woman is transforming the island of Bermuda

I've been DYING to share this episode with you!

Not only was it the very first episode I filmed, but it was my first interview ... during my vacation ... in Bermuda. 

It was also this experience that really gave me a taste of my dreams and ignited my inner fire.

About a year ago I had just returned from a life changing yoga retreat.

I felt electric.

I felt unstoppable.

I felt focused.

My boyfriend at the time (now fiance) and I had a trip to Bermuda coming up and about 3 weeks before we were scheduled to fly out, a light bulb turned on in my head...

My dream was to have my own yoga travel show, and here I was with a trip to beautiful Bermuda coming up... Why not film my first episode?

Fake it til you make it, right?

First step was to buy a camera. 


Next was to decide what the episode would be about.

Why not show how a yogi travels?

Where to eat...what to see...where to practice...

I had never tried SUP Yoga before, so why not try that too...

I started searching around on the internet for teachers in Bermuda and a woman named Kallie Marcus with Kinetix Natural Movement popped up.

I saw that she mostly taught children but also taught SUP Yoga.


I decided to give it a try and shot her an email, not really expecting to hear back.

Well she responded and by the end of the week I found myself on the phone, interviewing her about what she does on the island and her greater goals and dreams for Kinetix.

I remember hanging up the phone thinking... this woman is amazing...

At the age of 28 she founded her own company and started the first (and only) yoga studio dedicated to the youth in Bermuda.

Kallie is not just a yoga teacher, but a warrior for social change. Her passion for teaching the youth there about wellness and the mind-body connection is truly inspiring, and I am proud to call her my friend.

Thank you again Kallie for opening your heart to a stranger and taking a chance with me!

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Learn more about Kallie Marcus and Kinetix Natural Movement by clicking HERE