Top 5 Yoga Misconceptions


I have a question for you...

Are your current beliefs about yoga keeping you from starting up a practice?

Or maybe you used to practice yoga but you haven't for awhile because it just wasn't your thing.

Wherever you are in your practice (or lack there of) there is one common thread I've found with the majority of people I've spoken to about yoga.

There is a lot of confusion around the practice.

A lot of misconceptions about what yoga is exactly and how to/who can practice yoga.

My goal with The Tribe Life is to slowly chip away at those misconceptions, educate you on the way I was taught yoga, and to get you on your mat and out of your head so you can be the best version of you (which by the way, just like yoga, is a constant practice).

Click on the image below to find out what the top 5 yoga misconceptions are...and why they're wrong!

I guarantee you've said one of these at some point in your life (I definitely have!)


I'm now offering Personal Wellness Packages via skype and/or phone for anyone that is interested in keeping up their practice with me during the Fall and Winter seasons.

All packages include a FREE 30 minute informational chat so we can get clear on your goals for your practice and so I can create a unique experience designed to help you achieve your goals.

Oh and FYI, if after the informational chat you don't think this is the right path for you, or I'm not the right teacher for you, no hard feelings and no strings attached.

Please know that I don't just accept everyone either, if I don't feel I can genuinely help you, I will do my best to recommend other professionals or resources. 

If this sounds like something you'd loved to learn more about, send an email to with a simple "I'm interested!" and I'll send you over the details.

P.S. The first 5 people to reach out will receive 20% off their first package.

With so much gratitude,
P.S. If you have a friend you've been trying to convince to start a yoga practice, share this email with them, it might be the thing they need to finally give Yoga a try!