A Thanksgiving Gift From Me To You


Around this time you'll see a ton of reminders of how this is a stressful time of the year, reminders to be easier on yourself as the winter weather rolls in, or to "just say no!" as you reach for your third slice of pumpkin pie.

This is not one of those reminders.

I love the holidays and Thanksgiving is the best!

So I'd rather not point out the negatives, or mention the impending doom and blanket of stress we're supposed to be feeling around this time. 

I think sometimes all that talk is what gets us into the holiday stress mode, rather than the holidays themselves.

I love Thanksgiving.

I love eating more turkey and stuffing and pie on that one day than I eat in the entire year... combined!

Five years ago I challenged myself (you read that right...myself) to an eating contest at Thanksgiving...and won. 

I spent the night rolling around moaning out in pain wishing I could speed up my digestion and relieve the pressure from my stuffed belly.

There were many witnesses.

This year will be the second time I've spent Thanksgiving away from home - the first was when I was studying abroad in Italy.

With the time difference, I ended up going out to dinner, drinking a ton of Italian wine, then coming back to my room to skype/cry skype with my entire extended family.

I always get really sappy around the holidays. 

I reflect a lot.

I pray a lot.

I say the word love a lot.

And this year, I'm going to try and pause a lot.

(holding this space for a dramatic pause)

This is the time where you'll start to get bombarded with ridiculous sales that ONLY HAPPEN RIGHT NOW, so you better NOT MISS OUT, and there's only ONE LEFT, so ACT NOW!

Oh please, just chill.

I'm not going to give you a pep talk about the holidays.

I'm not going to give you healthier recipe ideas that you can swap out for your unhealthy, passed-down-from-generations recipes.

Some things are just too special and delicious to replace.

So instead I thought I'd give you something more useful and helpful.

This week's video is one of my favorite classes to teach...a Yoga Nidra style class.

Which is basically a nap time meditation styled yoga class where you lay on your back and I talk you through various relaxation techniques to relax your mind and body.

You literally don't move a muscle.

Zero work involved.

Literally, everyone can do this.

My hope is that you take some time for yourself, or with someone you love, and relax with me.

Considerate it a Thanksgiving gift, from me to you!

My heart is so full and I'm bursting with love and gratitude for all my blessings this year.

One of which is you!

Thanks for continuing to CARE and reading my emails, checking out my posts, and sharing the love.

Sending you lots of love (see I told you I say love a lot).

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

With so much gratitude,