Noe Valley: My 3 Favorite Things About Our New Home

noe valley

I hope you're having a wonderful start to your week!

Pacific Time has me all messed up this week so apologies for the later than usual email.

The big update this week is that I'm now an official California girl!

Say whaaaat?!

The first night we arrived our bed hadn't yet been delivered so we shared a twin sized blow up mattress using the pillows and blankets Delta gave us from our flight. #truelove

Life is crazy.

I've been manifesting this move for a few years, and now it's officially my reality.

I'm still in the vacation part of the move so I'm loving every single second, but here are my TOP three things I LOVE about our new home:

#1 - The people. Specifically the friendly cashier at our local grocery store who took the time to make me feel welcomed in our new hood. You're the man Sean!

#2 - The smells. This might sound like a weird one, but after you've lived in New York for a few years and are used to smelling dog pee and poop, garbage, and car exhaust, anything else smells like heaven. The flower shops on my street take it even one step further and hang fresh lavender outside their store windows. Picture me walking up and down my street with a bounce in my step and a huge grin on my face, sniffing all the lavender I can find.

#3 - Our apartment. The only thing we have in our apartment right now is our mattress and a few empty boxes from some items we ordered, but it couldn't look more beautiful to me. Some would call it empty, I call it full of possibilities!

During the packing up and moving process, I admit that I wasn't the most patient person. But I'm determined to handle the moving in and getting settled part differently.

I want to savor every second of this exciting time in my life!

I've been spending more time watching and reading things that inspire me and ignite my creativity, so prepare yourself for some upcoming mind blowing content!

This week I thought I'd share something a little different with you.

I recently stumbled upon this gem of a video...two words, spoken word.

 Say YES to life and it's possibilities my friend!

Give it a watch and let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

In the meantime, picture me looking out our apartment windows checking out the below in the picture above...that's where I'll be, just taking it all in.


With so much gratitude,

P.S. Next week's post will include a yoga sequence to help build strength - specifically upper body strength - so make sure you open next week's newsletter and work out those guns!