Meal Prepping with Amy Jarosky


For this week's episode, I sat down with my new girl crush Amy Jarosky for some simple (and mind blowing) meal prepping ideas, along with tackling some of the most common misconceptions about eating healthy. 

So a little about Amy...

Amy is a certified health coach and the founder of Healthy Vices, specializing in corporate wellness. She helps busy professionals add practical diet and healthy lifestyle techniques into their daily routine.

My life has changed in so many ways since meeting with Amy.

Something happened to me after I met her.

I started looking at my meals and eating habits in a whole different and more strategic way. 

I hadn't realized how simple meal prepping, and adding in a few easy to make/highly flexible ingredients, could save me so much stress, time, and money!

Since the moment I met her, Amy's advice and healthy tips have been ringing in my ears.

And I'm SO excited to share this episode with you!

If you're a busy professional (or a busy person in general) and struggle with eating healthy, or find yourself wishing you had a better system for eating healthier and getting the right nutrients in your body, you'll love this episode!

To learn more about Amy and Healthy Vices, check her out at!

Once you've had a chance to watch the episode, I'd love to know what questions or comments you have!

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Thank you for all the love and support!



P.S. This episode is great to share with family and friends who are looking to make healthy changes in the New Year. Amy's tips make healthy eating simple and easy for even the busiest of people.

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