Made In Peru


I was put on this earth to help empower other women.

But sometimes I get in my own way.

Sometimes I catch myself in the mentality of "once I achieve this, or once I do that, THEN I'll be able to help other women."

Often people (including myself) underestimate their power, abilities, and voice.

Have you ever felt like wherever you are isn't good enough yet, or like the experiences you've had and or your achievements aren't grand enough to make a difference?

Sometimes I fall into that funk of self defeating talk.

So in an attempt to push through those thoughts, I want to share and offer up what I do have...inspiration.

Here are four of my favorite brands/companies/resources/people that inspire me to bring my best to the table everyday.

#1 – Awamaki

So I’m a little biased with this company being that one of my good friends works for them, but pride for my friend aside, the mission and vision for this company really lights me up.

To put it simply, Awamaki works to economically empower indigenous women artisans in Peru through global market access.

My favorite product? Their beautiful pillow covers! (see below for two I got for my new apartment)

#2 - Six Degrees Society

My new favorite networking group.

Founded by my new friend Emily Merrell, Six Degrees Society makes networking easy.

What I love about this group is that they take the guess work out of networking, so when you sign up for an event, they match you up ahead of time with a few assigned “matches.”

The night before the event you'll receive bios for the guests so you can study up on the people you'll meet and prepare yourself ahead of time.

Each event has a theme or experience/learning opportunity, but there are also two 15-minute sessions where you have time to chat with your pre-assigned matches.

I love this approach because sometimes networking can be really awkward, so having a specific time and assigned conversations where networking chats can organically happen is genius.

They currently have groups in New York, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, New Orleans, DC, and Atlanta and are constantly growing and expanding.

I highly recommend signing up for an upcoming never know who you might meet.

Oh, and if you find yourself in the San Francisco area around the holidays, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming yoga event I'll be leading.

Hint: it involves yoga and learning techniques for managing stress around the holidays.


#3 - In The Company Of Women

Just get it.


#4 - Across Roads: A Film About Hip-Hop Travel and Life

Let me tell you about my girl Chanel August.

Chanel was introduced to Hip Hop at the age of seven by her father, and this became a strong passion that they shared together.

When her dad passed in 2015, Across Roads was born as a testimony to love, loss, music, travel, and how they are all interconnected.

Across Roads documents her journey through Japan, Cuba and Zimbabwe as she taps into other cultures’ connection to Hip Hop. Her affinity for Hip Hop and travel motivated her desire to highlight how Hip Hop drives and inspires other societies outside of the U.S.

Her passion and courage to follow her dreams is so inspiring that I had to share it with you.

If you’re interested in learning more, want to help support Chanel in her project, or watch the awesome trailer to this documentary, click HERE, and of course, share it with your friends!


In case you needed the reminder...

Never underestimate your voice my friend.