How to Meditate


I have some news that I'm very excited to share with you. 

If you follow me on social media you may already know but ...


Very bittersweet...

I moved from Wisconsin to NYC almost 3 years ago and it probably took me around 2 years to finally feel like I had my head above the water in this crazy city.

The words, "if you can make it here you can make it anywhere" are so true, and "making it" doesn't have to mean you're a millionaire living in a penthouse in the sky.

For me "making it" has meant finding new friends in a city where everyone has zero time, becoming an expert at ignoring all the sirens, honking horns, trash smells, dog poop, and crowds of people. If you can find peace and happiness in NYC DESPITE all these distractions, I believe you can truly make it anywhere.

NYC has definitely made me step up my yoga game too - and not just the physical exercises, but the way I choose to think about life in general.

2016 has been a big year of life changes for me - planning my wedding, changing careers, now moving across the country.

With so many changes happening it can leave me feeling pretty exposed and vulnerable at times.

I'm someone who likes control, so having so many unknowns can be really overwhelming and scary.

At times I feel like a jigsaw puzzle thats been completely taken apart just to be put back together again.

That sounds terrible, but it's exhilarating!

I get to put the puzzle back together!

Through this crazy time there's one thing that's kept me (relatively) sane - meditation. 

Every morning I give myself between 5-20 minutes to sit and meditate. 

Some mornings I have a mind full of rushing thoughts, other mornings I find bursts of stillness with no thoughts. 

Whether you are going through some changes of your own, or maybe you're looking for changes in your life, the unknown and the waiting are the worst parts.

But the waiting and the unknown...that's just life...and if I try and rush or control either of them, I'm just rushing through life.

Meditation teaches us that the stillness doesn't have to be torture.

It can be growth.

It can be reflection.

If you want changes in your life, learn to appreciate what you have, who you have, and where you are...NOW!

In this week's episode I walk you through my daily meditation process and clear some confusion around this practice.

HINT: If you can't "silence your mind" it doesn't mean you're not doing it right!

Click on the video below to learn how I meditate.

Then when you're done watching, sit for 5 minutes and meditate on your own. Leave a comment below the video and let me know how it goes!

Or, if you prefer a guided meditation, you can meditate with me here. (p.s. this is an older video so please excuse the corny music and random intro :-) - also, girlfriend clearly needed some sun last winter - other than that, Enjoy!)


A few notes for my NY TRIBE...

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- NOTE: Class will be in our original location (refer to the map/directions in the meet-up group). Make sure to follow me on Instagram in case there are any last minute location changes.

Have a wonderful rest of your week and see you Sunday!

With so much gratitude,


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