Ghee! Where have you been all my life?!


Maybe I'm late to the game but have you heard about ghee?

The more I read and learn the more I love it.

High in Vitamin A and E and rich in vitamin K2 and CLA (an antioxidant with anti-viral properties if it's sourced from grass-fed cows).

It's also a great source of consistent energy because it's rich in medium chain fatty acids, which are absorbed directly by the liver (kinda like carbs) and burned as energy.

Plus, if your dairy or casein intolerant, you shouldn't have a problem with ghee!

I've started using ghee like I would with butter- on toast, on salmon, etc. and I've noticed a more consistent flow of energy that I haven't felt in years.

I'm a big fan.

Here's the brand I use...can you tell I was anxious to rip it open and give it a try?!

Have you tried ghee? What's been your experience? I'm curious what other people think.

Let me know down below! Xo


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