FYS: San Francisco

Pin now, visit later!

Pin now, visit later!

Favorite Yoga Studios: San Francisco

The first time I visited San Francisco was back in 2013. I was dating this guy who lived in Philadelphia and I was living in Wisconsin. Long distance = no fun.

I was also living at my parents house at the time and the idea of having him visit with parental supervision was no bueno. So I suggested we travel somewhere and meet up in a new city neither of us had ever been to... San Francisco. 

I immediately fell in love.

Fast forward 3 years and that guy is now my fiance, I've been to SF two more times, and there is no doubt in my mind that we will end up living there someday.

What I love most about SF is that it definitely seems to value quality over quantity. I currently live in NYC where there is a yoga studio and Starbucks on every block. Very convenient. But in SF, the coffee shops, boutiques, and yoga studios all seem to be hand-selected and approved. 

Every yoga teacher I've experienced in SF puts yoga philosophy first and asanas (physical poses) second. I'm used to NYC where people seem to think just putting on a pair of Lulu's makes you a yogi.

No offense.

Every time I travel to this beautiful city I try out a new yoga studio and teachers and below is a list of my favorites.

Hope you enjoy, and let me know in the comment section down below if you try out one of the below recommendations!

P.S. I'll continue adding new studios to this list as I revisit SF, so check back for new additions!

1. Yoga Garden

This studio definitely lives up to it's name. Right off the street is a quaint cottage looking building with a teeny tiny sign up above letting you know you've come to the right place. 

As you walk in, you wind around a pebbled path where a vibrant orange door pulls you in.

This place definitely has a community vibe (which I love!), and everyone from the front desk to the teacher and other students were friendly, warm and inviting.

The class before us had run over a few minutes so we all gathered in the hall talking about the NBA Final's Game (GSW's vs Cav's) the night before.

'I am home' (I thought to myself :-))

Dustin McCallister led us through a 7 AM Hatha class and for 60 minutes I was hanging on to ever pose and every alignment.

He was amazing, and for anyone looking to dive into the meticulous details of every pose, to truly understand why you flex your muscles here but not there, I highly recommend taking his class.

2. Satori Yoga Studio

Last year my brother moved to California to work for the Sacramento Kings, so last Christmas my family decided to spend the holidays in Cali, to get away from the freezing Wisco (where my parents live)/Chicago (where my sister lives)/NYC (where I live) winter weather.

We decided on a San Francisco/Napa Valley vacation.

The first morning I woke up in San Francisco I was itching to get to a class. We were staying in a Marriott in the downtown area and with it being the holidays, classes were limited.

Luckily I found a studio just a short walk away and woke up early to walk to a 7 AM Hatha Flow class. Apparently I was the only one itching for a 7 AM Christmas Eve yoga class because it ended up being just me and the teacher, Dastan Khosaw. 

Things happen for a reason.

In 2010 Dastan was in a serious accident that left him in a coma for 7 days and he was pronounced dead 3 times during that week. It took him 9 months to learn how to walk again and to rebuild the memories he lost. After I heard his story he then proceeded to do a headstand with no hands.


Did I mention he turned 61 this last New Years!?

During our class he reminded me to keep a smile on my face ALWAYS not just when I practice yoga but in everything I do in life. If I entered a difficult pose pursing my lips he made me start over, with a smile.

What an amazing lesson.

Grateful to have met this man and I highly recommend experiencing one of his classes.

3. Glow Yoga

This was the very first yoga studio I ever went to in SF so it holds a special place in my heart!

My recommendation, stop by Glow and take an early morning class with Natasha, she is one of the founders of Glow so you know you'll be in good hands. Then, walk a block towards Washington Square and on the corner you will find a place called Mama's...the BEST pancakes in the entire world. The restaurant doesn't open until 8 AM, but you will see people lining up outside before 7 AM. No matter what time of the day there is always an hour - 90 minute wait but I PROMISE it's worth it.

Ph. by Taylor Pangman