FYS: New York City

Pin now, visit later!

Pin now, visit later!

Favorite Yoga Studios: New York City

No matter where you are in NYC, there are two things I can guarantee you will find... Starbucks and yoga studios.

It's overwhelming.

Especially if your just visiting NYC and just looking to take a quick class.

So to help make the process a bit less daunting, I've created the below list of some of my favorite yoga studios in NYC, and FYI, I only add studios to this list that I've personally been to.

Hope you enjoy, and let me know in the comment section down below if you try out one of the below recommendations!

P.S. I'll continue adding new studios to this list as I continue to wander around NYC, so check back for new additions!


1. Pure Yoga (Upper East Side)

When I first moved to the Upper East Side in Manhattan my first goal was to find a great yoga studio. Little did I know that I lived just blocks away from one of the most beautiful studios in the city packed with some of the most elite and sought after teachers in NYC.

Pure is owned by Equinox so it definitely has that fancy pants vibe when you walk in - the locker rooms have beautiful showers and are stocked with Kiehl's soaps and lotions. There's also a tiny boutique right next to the welcome desk...dangerous...

They have two locations, one on the east side and the other on the west. Both are amazing studios and offer classes from the same teachers.

The place is beautiful, you can't argue with that. However, for the first two years I went there I was less than impressed with the lack of spirituality and mind aspects in the classes. There was definitely more of an emphasis on the physical body and using yoga as your tool to get the 'perfect yoga body' (which by the way, is a myth, there's no such thing). In the last few months things have changed and I'm pleasantly surprised with the refocus on building community and bringing more of the spiritual back into the classes.

You really can't go wrong with any of the classes or any of the teachers but here are a list of some of my favorites:

- Restorative with Mary Aranas (A combo of a great nap and light massage - all classes are done under soothing lights and this is my go-to class when I need to zen the f*** out)

- Vinyasa 2/3 with Kat Fowler (One of my favorite teachers in NYC - her classes are so creatively sequenced and I feel completely comfortable relaxing my mind and letting her lead my body through class. This class is level 2/3 so definitely a bit challenging and we always tackle a few inversions - great for those looking to take their practice to the next level and are looking for a challenge)

- Vinyasa with Danielle Dugan (Another one of my favorite teachers, I've gone to various levels of Vinyasa classes with her and love them all. Perfect for those students looking for an easy Vinyasa class that will get their bodies moving and relax their minds)

- Pretty much any class or meditation with Yogi Charu (this dude is the definition of zen and he radiates so much love and happiness that you find yourself taking his classes just to be around him)


2. Jivamukti (Union Square)

Shout out to my friend Tiffany who introduced me to this gem. 

This studio holds a special place in my heart - it was my sanctuary when I worked in event marketing.

Jivamukti yoga is...different. And honestly I'm still learning the differences between Jiva yoga and say a Hatha class. So far my conclusion is that a Jiva class takes the spiritual aspects of yoga and amplifies them X100 - think tons of chanting and readings from spiritual texts.

I love it.

The teachers I've taken classes with no longer teach there but I'm fully confident that no matter which class you take, the teacher will be amazing.

There is a vegan cafe connected to the studio that offers a great space to grab something to eat or drink after class, maybe sit and read a book, or meet a new yogi.

Definitely worth visiting for the experience.


3. Yoga People (Brooklyn Heights)

Tiffany you get credit for this one too.

If you live in Manhattan, or maybe you're just visiting NYC, do yourself a favor and get to Brooklyn, take a class at this homey studio, and after, explore the many shops and cafe's that line the street where this studio is located. 

Also, just a short walk away is the neighborhood of Dumbo - even more cool shops and cafe's, plus a beautiful view of NYC. You can also easily hop on the Brooklyn Bridge from here and walk across it into Manhattan.


4. Naam Yoga (Upper West Side)

This studio definitely has a strong community vibe and the teachers are very knowledgeable. 

I had my first yoga teacher audition here and fell in love with the space.

There is only one room for class but it has beautiful glass windows to invite the sun in.


5. Yoga Vida (Union Square)

Classes at this studio remind you that you are in NYC. Every class I've been to here has been packed with people and mats separated sometimes by only a 1/2 inch. Eek!

If you can get over the lack of personal space, these classes are worth it. Amazing teachers, and all classes are mostly power vinyasa...aka prepare to sweat.