A Pacific Heights Dream


I've been very blessed in life.

I've had the opportunity to travel all over the world.

I've stayed in ridiculously fancy 5-star hotels in Madrid, I've stayed in a Hello Kitty themed Airbnb in London, I've even stayed in a pop-up tent in Germany during a hail-storm, and for a brief one night stint I stayed in a family's extra bedroom in Bali. All stories for another time.


Growing up my dad traveled a lot for work, which meant he racked up those Marriott points everywhere he went. So when our family traveled, we would always stay in a Marriott.

Job perks.

But as I've gotten older, done quite a bit of traveling on my own, I've found that I prefer to drift away from the safe hotel chains and closer to a more raw experience.

I prefer to experience each place as a local, as if I belong there.

Which is why I fell in love with Airbnb...and staying in this Edwardian Style home in SF only strengthened that love.

This place was my SF dream come true.

Not only was it in the quaint and gorgeous neighborhood of Pacific Heights (my dream hood someday) but the place was dripping with personality and you could tell every inch of the place was carefully thought out and designed.


I felt like a Queen in her palace!

Every morning I sat at the table near the bay windows, sipping my tea like a boss thinking to myself ‘Is this what Bey feels like?!’ 

Blair, if you're reading this...bravo my friend...bravo. Thank you for the creative boost while staying at your lovely home. Thank you for the inspiration!