20 Minute Yoga Flow


This week I'm in California and it's all starting to feel really... real.

Last week I was in NYC and trying to picture what my life would look like here, but when you try to picture your life in a new place, there's a lot of blanks.

This week we locked in our apartment and I've spent the last few days exploring.

Walking around my new neighborhood and learning what stores and restaurants are around us.

Trying to get as familiar as I can with the area.

When you go to a new place you don't realize how so many little things add up to create the comfort and familiar you're used to at your previous home.

For example, the faces of the random people you see during your day. 

For me I think about the female traffic cop who keeps traffic from driving down the road where kids play for recess.

Or the lady that always sits outside the laundromat. You can never tell if she is awake or not, or whether she is waiting for her clothes to be done in the wash cycle or if she is asking for money outside.

I don't know either of their names. 

But those are the random things that pop into my mind about my home in NYC.

I don't have that here...yet.

I don't have the locals figured out...yet.

Life here doesn't have a face or a routine.

I don't have my favorites...yet.

Right now everything here is just a place, there's no emotional attachment to it...yet.

I was thinking about this the other day. I've moved a lot and lived in a lot of different places.

Some I remember, some I don't because I was too young.

Racine, Wisconsin
Brookfield, Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
Florence, Italy
Madison, Wisconsin
Brookfield, Wisconsin

...and now California.

Changing scenery has always felt exciting to me, I get restless after awhile.

I think a change of scenery is necessary to grow as a person.

It's humbling.

Although no matter how many times I leave and move, it doesn't get easy for me.

There's always a risk - especially when you're in a relationship or have a family.

You worry about their happiness too. 

So that's where I'm at right now.

Sitting at a coffee shop in Palo Alto as I write this, reflecting on the last few days, noticing where my thoughts go.

A little nervous wondering 'what have we gotten ourselves into this time' but a lot more 'I can't wait to build a life here!'

If you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed today, take a deep breath and know that I'm right there with you.

Maybe not physically, but I definitely know how you feel.

Try and find the positive that's there (maybe REALLY buried) in that steaming pile of overwhelm and look for the lesson.

Maybe that overwhelm you're feeling is trying to teach you to slow down more.

Or maybe it's trying to push you in a new direction.

And of course...do some yoga to allow yourself some space to think...or not think.

This week's class is a 20 minute flow that I really think you’ll enjoy. If you’re a runner you’ll definitely appreciate all the poses that will stretch out your hamstrings.


Once you’ve had a chance to practice with me, leave a comment down below the video and let me know what you think!
I’m writing and filming the next batch of classes so if there’s something you are particularly interested in and hoping I include, let me know!!
I love to receive feedback from you with suggestions or questions.
Makes my day!
Have a great rest of your week!
With so much gratitude,
P.S. Last week's event 'Yoga In The Clouds' was amazing! I'll be sharing more photos from the event on Instagram and Facebook in the next couple of weeks so make sure we're connected and keep your eyes peeled!