It's all about community...

Welcome to June, my friend! My favorite month of the year!
It’s funny since living in San Francisco, I don’t notice the seasons as much. Definitely not like I did when I lived in NYC and Wisconsin.
Not really any drastic weather changes to mark the transition, except for that random week in September/October when its 90 degrees and you remember most places in the city don’t have AC.
But I can’t complain.
I love life here in SF.
And life's been pretty great.
Actually, it’s been amazing.
I also can’t remember the last time I was this busy.
I have a TON on my plate right now, but the amazing thing is, despite the endless to-do list, everything I’ve taken on GIVES me energy and makes me feel full.
Full of so much joy, sometimes it's overflowing.
It’s taken a TON of work to get to this place though.
Lot’s of intentional actions, speaking my truth, asking for what I want, and saying no.
The trick to creating a life you love…filling your life with people who encourage you, inspire you, uplift you, challenge you and make you want to be the best version of yourself because you see them working towards the same growth for themselves.
Since moving to SF I’ve met more people working towards that goal, personal growth, and it’s so inspiring.
Maybe it’s the spaces and places I choose to be, being a yoga teacher has that perk.
I’m always in awe of my students who show up.
And keep showing up.
Your practice inspires me.
Lifts me up.
Encourages me to grow and expand, first for myself, then for you.
It’s something I’ve been noticing bubble up in me recently when I teach.
This realization that this practice isn’t just about myself, or yourself.
It’s not just about you, your body, and your breath on your mat.
It’s about community and specifically the communities that form with each class.
It’s about that commitment to yourself, but also to your community.
They’re not independent of one another.
When you’re growing in your own skin, your helping your community grow too.
I’ve practiced a ton on my own, but something happens, inside me, and the energy of a room is different when you have a group of yogis coming together, showing up, and breathing together.
It reminds me that we’re not alone here.
We all show up carrying this invisible baggage from our day and lives.
Sometimes its good baggage and sometimes it's shi*t!
Sometimes you know the people around you, sometimes you don’t.
It’s a beautiful dance of strangers and friends all moving and breathing and growing.
Honestly, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.
Thank you for being a part of my community and sharing your breaths with me, whether in person in my classes, virtually through these emails, or in spirit.
With so much love and gratitude,

Taylor PangmanComment