Creating Space

How’s life?
How have things been going?
Have you asked yourself that question lately?
Have you paused to take in all the good and bad and ok and unexpected and love and hate and …
It’s a lot to take in sometimes, right?
This morning I woke up buzzin about all the exciting projects I have going on, talked my husbands ear off for about an hour about all my ideas, then finally got myself to sit down and meditate.
Usually, I sit for 20 minutes.
Grab my spot on the couch.
Prop up a pillow behind my back.
Tune into my breath and just observe.
For the first 10-15 minutes it's just chaos. Tons of thoughts and to-do’s and ideas come flooding in, and there’s always a moment where I want to open my eyes, grab a pen and write everything down.
But I don’t.
I sit with it.
I sit with the discomfort of feeling like I’m going to forget it all.
That fear of not knowing or even really trusting that feeling of letting go.
Of loosening the reins.
Of letting things just be.
Not trying to improve or optimize or change or plan…just observing.
It’s really unsettling for me.
Entering and sitting in that place of unknown.
But these morning pauses that have become my routine are some of the only times I truly do that. 
Truly let go, not attaching myself to the outcome or lack of outcome that comes from my thoughts and plans, but just sitting with it.
Do you give yourself that space?
Do you have a space or time that’s sacred and just yours?
That allows you to just be, to sit with just you and your thoughts? And to know that that’s enough.
You are enough.
Do you know that in that space of just you, your thoughts, and the unknown, that it’s all you need?
That motivation, that love, that validation, the answers that you seek for are all there.

It's all inside you.

You already have it.
I know, sounds a bit hippie-dippie right? And if someone told me this a year ago (in fact I’m sure someone told me this a year ago) I just wouldn’t believe it.
But then I tried it.
I learned to get even a little more comfortable in that uncomfortable place.
I learned how to sit with myself and my thoughts and the unknown for a little each day.
Let’s just say, I’ve learned how to sit and have a morning cup of tea with the unknown, anything longer and my skin starts to itch.
Maybe try it right now.
Sit on your couch, or on the ground against the wall.
Close your eyes.
Take a big inhale through your nose.
Then open your mouth and exhale it all out.
Do it again, inhaling through your nose, this time slowing it down and noticing the chilled breath as it travels along the outer crease of your nostril and down your nasal cavity, filling your lungs.
And again, opening your mouth and exhaling it all out.
Then one more time, inhaling the breath through your nose and this time noticing the lungs expanding as your chest opens and your heart lifts.
And again, opening your mouth and exhaling it all out.
Then sit.
That’s it.

With so much Gratitude,


Taylor PangmanComment