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hi! I’m Taylor.

Around 6 years ago, I was struggling to find my place, i was working my first 9-5 job right out of college, living at home with my parents in Wisconsin, and coming out of a heart break. I felt like a plastic bag in the wind, just trying to figure out who I was, and searching for a community of like-minded people, a place where I belonged.

ENTER: Yoga.

I discovered the yoga DVD in the workout set P90X and would practice it every night in my room - eventually ending up in a pile of sweat and tears. I could feel my outer shell softening and it was like I was hearing myself and feeling being in my body for the first time. I knew I’d been an athlete my entire life but something was different about this practice. This exercise felt different, it unlocked something in me I hadn’t felt before.

I loved starting to learn this practice (and ultimately myself) alone at home. I could allow myself to really open up, and cry without feeling uncomfortable and practice the poses without comparing myself to others around me.

Practicing at home was exactly what I needed to gain the confidence and get over the initial learning curve to start my yoga practice before I started seeking a neighborhood studio, community, and teacher.

these days?

I teach yoga classes in my neighborhood yoga studio in San Francisco, CA, online through my free classes, and online courses.

Developing a yoga practice has been like finding the best friend I always wanted.

It’s always there when I need it.

It’s taught me how to be confident and authentic in who I am.

It’s a mirror that forces me to face the things in my life that I avoid, helping me to grow into the best wife, daughter, sister, and friend that I can be.

It’s opened my heart wide open helping me to navigate life with compassion and vulnerability.

Developing a yoga practice has changed my life in so many ways:

  • It’s given me a community of best friends all working on growing as individuals and supporting each other along the way

  • I’m more patient with how I interact in the world, and I’m less reactive to situations and people

  • I’ve found a deeper understanding of myself and love expressing myself authentically with my community

  • Tapping into my body more has ignited in me this passion for overall health and wellness and I’ve found it easier to make better decisions for my mental and physical health

  • Stress and anxiety don’t affect me like they used to

  • I’m getting better sleep than I ever have before

Now that I’ve dove head first into this practice, I know the powerful positive effects yoga can have on your life. It is my life mission to help ignite the spark for others to start their own yoga practice, to experience for themselves the life changing effects of yoga.

if you…

  • Have always been curious about yoga but the thought of walking into a yoga studio gives you anxiety

  • Want to become more flexible, but think the idea of pigs flying is a more realistic goal

  • Don’t know what any of the yoga poses are

  • Think yoga is too easy, too hard, or too boring

  • Want to start living a healthier life

  • Want some new tools for dealing with stress and anxiety

  • Looking for a community of like-minded people

it’s your time.

Check out all my free online classes HERE and get started, or restarted, in your own yoga practice.

ready to go ALL-IN?

Yoga For Newbs is the step by step guide to starting, or restarting, an authentic yoga practice (no matter your age or if you can touch your toes or not!)

What you can expect from the Yoga For newbs course:

  • History of yoga, understanding what it is and is not

  • 8 limbs of yoga (hint: the physical poses are just one of them)

  • Om, Namaste and the Sanskrit language of yoga

  • The 9 styles of asana and which is right for you

  • Yoga props and how to use them

  • Step-by-step guides to the 20 most common yoga poses

  • 14 days worth of yoga classes

yoga for newbs will leave you with a basic understanding of yoga AND the postures so you feel confident walking into any yoga class, or just have a deeper knowledge of the practice and yourself.

*100% satisfaction guaranteed

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